Welcome Xuan and Josh!

The lab is happy to welcome two new post-docs, Dr. Xuan Wang and Dr. Josh Clarke, to our team! Both joined the lab earlier this year and are already completing outstanding work!

Xuan grew up in a small city in central China. After obtaining his Ph.D. at Shanghai University under the guidance of Dr. Hegui Gong, he moved to the United States to begin his postdoctoral research. When not in the lab, Xuan enjoys good food and Coca-Cola.

Josh grew up in Tecumseh, Ontario just outside of Windor. After gaining his Bachelor’s degree in chemistry from University of Windsor, he graduated with a PhD from Queen’s University under the supervision of Dr. Cathleen Crudden. In his spare time, Josh often cooks large batches of food and can be seen willing his Maple Leafs to get passed the first round of the NHL playoffs.

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